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Mission and Philosophy

Serving You Better

For over 70 years, our mission has been the same, "Serving You Better." We are committed to superior service, product knowledge and customer support. Founded in 1968, Norco’s operations still reflect the personal philosophies and values of its founder. Understanding that customers have a choice when selecting their provider, Norco endeavors to make that choice easier by providing the highest quality products and customer service in the industry. Norco’s leadership focuses on teaching employees to think of the customer first and to this day, the customer remains at the top of Norco’s organizational chart.

Norco employees have always been encouraged to “find a need and fill it” as a way to help customers succeed and promote the betterment of mankind. Taking this commitment to our customers and employees to the next level, Norco became an employee owned company in 2015. This move provides all employees with a stake in the business and creates extra incentive to be the best possible partners and resources for our customers. We know that exceptional customer service is not a phrase but a culture that must be woven into the fabric of the company. It is that philosophy that has set Norco apart since the beginning.

Since Norco opened its doors we have been giving back to the communities where we work and live, supporting education, healthcare, and the betterment of mankind.

Norco Building, Boise State University Health Services, Boise, Idaho