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Medical Gases and Services

Norco is your single source provider for all your medical gas needs.

Norco's medical gas division is one of the Northwest's largest, providing equipment, gas products and services. Catering to individuals on the go who need portable oxygen tanks, to large metropolitan hospitals, Norco has the gas, cylinders and gas systems to fit your needs. We offer scheduled delivery and liquid oxygen refills at your home. For a listing of the sizes and gases Norco offers, check out our Medical gas page. Healthcare facilities providing oxygen and other gas products to their patients know that choosing a gas provider is only the first step. Norco is here to help every step of the way.

We provide consultation and equipment for medical pipeline installation, as well as source equipment for your facility's pipeline, compressors, vacuums and sizing guides to help to accommodate the needs of your patients. Once your pipeline installation is complete, our secondary equipment of regulators, flowmeters, gauges and hoses can provide the means of delivery to your patients. Finally, whether your facility is new, remodeled, or due for inspection or certification, Norco has you covered.

Medical Gases

Norco's Medical Gas Division provides bulk liquid delivery systems, high pressure cylinders and specialty gases to customers throughout the Northwest. We provide the following U.S.P medical grade gases: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Air (Compressed), Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, and Mixed Gases.

Our specialty gas division has been producing the following specialty medical grade gases for decades:

  • Oxygen Helium Drug Mixtures
  • Anaerobic Carbon Dioxide
  • Lung Diffusion Mixtures
  • Anaerobic Gas Mixtures

  • Blood Gas Mixtures
  • Aerobic Gas Mixtures
  • Laser Gas Mixtures
  • Sterilant Gas Mixtures

Medical Pipeline Installation

If you are in the market for medical gas pipeline products Norco has you covered every step of the way. Norco is one of the nations' main distributors for Amico Corporation, which is one of the top manufacturers of medical gas pipeline equipment for the global health care industry. All products Norco sells conforms to the most current NFPA 99 (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines. Instead of batch testing our products, every piece Norco sells is individually tested and inspected prior to shipment under simulated field conditions. On top of that, our products are covered by the best warranty in the industry. For a complete listing of the medical gas pipeline equipment Norco offers, proceed to Amico Corporation's website. Here you will find full color, catalog cut sheets and specifications for each product Norco offers.



Source Equipment

Norco offers a full array of medical vacuum and medical air systems that can meet any size facility needs. From a veterinary clinic, to a surgery center, up to a hospital, Norco can recommend and provide the right piece of equipment for your facilities' needs. Norco offers the complete line of source equipment from EMSE and Amico Corporation. Both of these companies offer online sizing guides that will allow you to provide data about your facility and recommend systems to meet your individual needs. The systems shown in the sizing guides and on the websites will provide you with full colored catalog cutsheets with images and specifications needed to help with your design.

ESME Sizing Guide

Amico Sizing Guide

Once you have found a system that meets your needs, contact your local Norco store for a competitive quote on the equipment.

Secondary Equipment

Once your facility pipeline has been completed or you are in need of replacements for secondary equipment, look no further than Norco. We offer a full line of vacuum regulators, flowmeters, hoses, and medical gas fittings. Secondary equipment purchased through Norco can be customized based on adapter types and hose lengths to fit your healthcare needs.

To view some of Norco's product line visit Ohio Medical's website. Take a look at their regulators, flowmeters, and hoses available in customizable combinations for your pipeline configuration. Then contact your local Norco for pricing.

Ohio Medical

Inspection and Certification

Norco has it's own Cryogenic Services team of trained professionals that are available for certification and annual verifications of your medical gas pipelines. Norco's Cryogenic Services team is a corporate member of MGPHO meaning you know you will get high quality expertise when it comes to the certification or verification of your pipeline. We follow the guidelines outlined in NFPA 99 and those set forth by JCAHO, along with any other stipulations that a business might have.

MGPHO Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization

NFPA National Fire Protection Association

JHACO The Joint Commission

Our trained professionals can perform annual verification on medical facility pipelines, as well as offer inspections on newly installed pipelines. Each passing inspection or verification receives a Service Agreement Inspection detailing what the technicians inspected, what tests were done, and problem areas that needed to be addressed. They can also cover what preventative maintenance steps can be taken for the facility to keep their pipeline functioning and within code.

Another service offered by Norco's Cryogenic Services technicians is design and consultation for installing medical gas pipelines. We have custom pipeline design specialists that can come to your facility and work with you to design the schematics of new installations or modifications. They can offer you insight on pipelines they have seen in the past, problems they have seen, and layouts that appeal both to functionality and regulations.

Norco also provides equipment for pipeline installations. Whether you are looking for piping itself, regulators, tanks, or anything in between Norco has partnerships with some of the highest quality manufactures of medical pipeline equipment in the nation. We can also provide replacement or repair parts for existing pipelines.