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Norco offers a full range of quality healthcare equipment and supplies to meet your homecare needs. Whether you are facing challenges while aging at home, or recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, we have what you need to move forward. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service and delivery teams will make sure you're comfortable with your new equipment. Our reimbursement specialists will work with your insurance and file claims on your behalf. Below are some of the common categories of home medical equipment and supplies Norco provides. (Note: some items are available only in certain regions, and some may require a physician's prescription.)

Browse through each category to learn more about the purpose of each product line, and some of the specific items available, or jump to a category alphabetically. For more information, contact a Norco location near you or complete the homecare supply inquiry at the bottom of the page.


Accessibility Solutions

Varied types of equipment that enhance the accessibility, and safety of navigating a home and transportation for an individual utilizing a mobility device or ambulatory aid. See more information on our Accessibility offerings here .

Includes: Stair Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts, Ceiling Tract Lifts, Vehicle Accessibility Solutions, Ramps, Safe and Accessible Bathing

Airway Clearance

Devices designed to aid with clearing the lungs of secretions with positive and negative pressure, percussion or vibrations, or other mechanical means.

Includes: Cough Assist Devices, Percussors, Afflovest, Acapella Valves, Incentive Spirometers

Ambulatory Aids

Are designed to help the patient balance, walk or otherwise enable mobility by providing an extension of the patient's upper body to support and distribute their body weight.

Includes: Walkers (specialty, 2 wheel/front wheel, 4 wheel varieties), Canes, Crutches, Rollabouts/Rollators/Knee Scooters

Apnea Monitors

Used to observe the respiration, or breathing, of the patient during sleep. These monitors are designed to detect any changes in the movement of the chest, or slowing of the patients heartrate which may trigger an alarm as needed. Primarily prescribed for infants and adolescents to monitor and prevent SIDs.

Bath Aids

Equipment designed to enhance safety and stability while bathing.

Includes: Shower Chairs, Seats and Benches, Grab Bars, Hand Rails, Elevating Toilet Seats, Toilet Risers.


Light therapy to treat jaundice, typically used for newborns.

Includes: Bililights, Biliblankets.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Measures and reports a patient's blood pressure. Also called a sphygmomanometer.


Garments and items worn to support, protect and potentially immobilize joints to allow for healing or protect from reinjury.

Includes: Ankle, Knee, Elbow, Shoulder, Wrist, Back/Posture Supports, Fracture Boots


Support increased independence and safety while using the toilet or allow for bedside toileting.

Emergency Alarm Systems

Designed to alert emergency response, or personal response in the event of an emergency or hazard.

Also called: Medical Alert Pendants, Phone Alarms

Extremity Compression

Support multiple forms and strengths of compression for differing purposes including promoting circulatory wellness.

Includes: Compression Stockings, Socks and Hosiery, Sleeves, TED Compression Hose and Socks, Post-surgical Compression

First Aid Supplies

A set of materials for treating sick or injured persons.

Includes: Bandaids, Bandages, Gauze, Ice Packs, Burn Relief, Coban, Fully stocked kits in multiple sizes and requirements

Hospital Beds

Specialized beds that can raise or lower on the head or foot end, to provide comfort and convenience to the patient and healthcare worker.

Includes: Adjustable, Electric, Semi-electric, Bariatric, Manual, Safety Rails

Incontinence Supplies

Supplies to help manage urinary or bowel output.

Includes: Diapers and Adult Undergarments, Bed Pads, Attends, Pull ups, Personal Care Wipes, Enuretic Alarms

Maternity and Postpartum care

Various items that support a woman's care through maternity and postpartum.

Includes: Breast pumps from Ameda , Medela and Spectra ( see more here ); Breast Pumping Supplies (milk bags, bottles, ice packs and coolers); Support Hose and Bands.

Mobility & Rehab

Specialized wheelchair and mobility products designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Learn more about our Mobility & Rehab solutions here .

Includes: Electric Scooters, Power Wheelchairs, Custom Manual Wheelchairs, Consumer Power Chairs, Pediatric Wheelchairs, Adaptive Car Seats, Adaptive Strollers, Custom Shower Chairs, Standing Frames, Gait Trainers, Sports Chairs, Ultra-lightweight Chairs, Bariatric Chairs


Designed to deliver medication in mist form directly to the lungs through inhalation.


Products to support alternative nutritional ingestion methods including oral and non-oral.

Includes: Enteral Feeding Pumps, Nutritional Formula (powdered and liquid), G Tubes, NG Tubes, Bolus Feeding Supplies, Syringe Feeding Supplies

Ostomy & Colostomy

Materials needed for a pouching system for the collection of waste from a surgically diverted biological system (colon, ileum, bladder)


Measures the proportion of oxygen in the blood

Oxygen Therapy

A method of oxygen delivery for those not receiving the proper amount of oxygen from room air, a concentrated amount is delivered. See more on our respiratory solutions here.

Includes: Concentrators, Liquid Oxygen Systems (LOX); Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC), Homefill Systems, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Oxygen Reducers, Standard and Pulse Dose Regulators, Supplies (tubing, cannulas, cylinder carts, humidifiers).

PAP - Positive Airway Pressure Devices

Provides positive pressure to the airway. See more about Sleep Therapy from Norco.

Includes: CPAPs, APAPs and BiPAPs from ResMed and Philips Respironics (see more here) ; Supplies (mask pillows, cushions, masks, mask wipes, chin straps, batteries, DC cord, head gear, disposable and non-disposable filters, heated and non-heated tubing); Travel CPAPS (Z1, Transcend, DreamStation Go, AirMini), Sanitizer/Cleaning system (SoClean); Humidifiers

Patient Lifts

Assist with the lift or transfer of patients whose mobility is limited.

Includes: Hoyer lifts, Slings

Respiratory Assist Devices

A more complex application of continuous positive airway pressure through bilevel devices. See more about Respiratory Assist Devices from Norco here .

Includes: BiPAP Auto, BiPAP ASV, BiPAP S/T, BiPAP S/T-A, iVAPS, AVAPS, Auto Servo Ventilation (ASV).

Seat Lift Chairs

Chairs that help the patient come to a standing position through a mechanism that pushes the whole chair up from its base.

Also called: Medical reclining chairs, Power recliners, Stand assist chairs

Suction Units

Devices used to remove substances from a body cavity.

Support Surfaces

Provide comfort and support to patients who are immobile.

Includes: Overlays, Cushions, Mattresses, Alternating Air Mattresses


Supports successful breathing and airway clearance for patients with trachs.

Includes: Trach Tube, Trach Care Kits, Trach Mists, Inner Cannula, Gauze, MicroKlenz


Supplies used to drain the bladder.

Includes: Intermittent, indwelling and condom catheters


Equipment designed to move air and/or oxygen into and out of the lungs, for a patient who is unable to breathe unassisted.

Includes: Invasive and Non-Invasive ventilation from Trilogy, Astral and LTV1150; Supplies (heated and non-heated tubing; filters; masks); Respiratory alarms


Allows for the transport of individuals who are unable to walk.

Includes: Manual, Bariatric, Pediatric, Lightweight, Transport

Wound Supplies

Supplies for covering, filling, or otherwise treating openings on the body's surface, including wounds, ulcers or burns.

Includes: Adhesive Remover, Barrier Cream, Sterile Pads, Dressings

Don't see what you're looking for?

While the information above reflects some of our most requested categories and items, it is not an exhaustive list of all the homecare equipment and supplies we provide. Other items available include over the bed tables, exam/latex gloves, stethoscopes, wedge pillows, bed alarms, trapeze, IV poles, and more!

For more information or to learn more about our homecare equipment and supplies, contact your nearest Norco medical location listed here or submit the inquiry form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.