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Norco has home and vehicle modification solutions to keep you moving safely and freely both at home and on the go. We have the products and services to make life easier and you can work with our expert team determine which solutions best fit your environment and needs. Take a minute and explore the accessibility solutions Norco provides below:

 Stair Lifts 

A Stair Lift is an effective solution for enabling access to areas of your home or property that are currently limited by the need to navigate stairs. Norco's professional home accessibility and modification team can provide and install straight and curved lifts for both indoors and outside. Most stair lifts have a weight capacity of 300 pounds or more and can easily be installed on either side of the stairwell. Plus the new folding rail from Bruno can even be folded away from your landing.

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Norco Stair Lifts



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Vertical Platform Lifts  

A vertical platform Lift is a safe, smooth and economical solution to the barriers that porches, staircases, decks, and other elevation changes create in and around a home. These lifts come equipped with several safety features, including folding access ramp, non-skid surface, guard panels, pressure sensitive controls with emergency stop button, and a safety pan on the bottom that stops if the lift meets an obstruction.

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Norco Vertical Platform Lifts



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Ceiling Tract Lifts 

An overhead lift system allows caregivers to move patients and loved ones with ease, while providing maximum comfort and dignity. With both permanent and portable installation options, ceiling track systems allow fluid movement of patients from one room or surface to another. Imagine going out of town for a long weekend and being able to set up a free standing track system with a powered patient lift over a hotel bed in just minutes - with no tools!

  Norco has a variety of sling options available and we are happy to help you find the system that meets your unique needs!

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Norco Ceiling Track Lifts



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Vehicle Accessibility  

We know that being able to easily, safely and independently enter, exit and operate your vehicle are a vital part of your mobility. Norco's lift technicians are trained and certified by our manufacturers to install and service your vehicle lift. We can help you choose the lift that best fits your vehicle, budget and lifestyle.

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Norco Vehicle Accessibility



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Ramps are another great mobility solution. We have options for inside and outside your home or on the go. With a wide variety of ramp options from suitcase ramps, tri-fold ramps, and fixed ramp options, Norco has what you need to keep moving forward. 

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Norco Ramps



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Safe and Accessible Bathing  

Did you know that most injury accidents at home happen in the bathroom? Norco wants to make sure every room of the house is safe and accessible for you and your loved ones. No matter how simple or complex, long or short term, we have the solution to fit your need. From handheld grab bars, tub transfer benches and toilet seat risers to walk-in tubs and showers, and other bathroom modifications, Norco's employee owners can help you assess your need to find the right fit.

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Norco Accessible Bathing and Bathroom Safety Solutions



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