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Businesses of any size can benefit greatly from the use of automation control systems and information technologies to increase productivity and revenue. Norco customers both small and large have experienced automation success on many levels, including increased performance, investment payback and new technology adoption. Our seamless automation integration process makes learning easy, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Automation Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Prevents over welding
  • Improves first-pass weld quality
  • Ensures precision for complex welds
  • Complies with safety regulations
  • Lowers your cost of doing business
  • Produces less scrap and rework

CNC Plasma Cutting
Norco's CNC plasma cutting machines are precise, efficient and versatile. With the ability to cut materials up to 3 inches thick, these machines are fast but can handle a high level of complexity.

Water Jet Cutting
Norco's CNC waterjet cutting machines can pierce through materials ranging from wood to steel with precision and fine-tuned control. These machines are perfect for cutting material up to 12 inches thick with minimal waste.

SubArc Pipe Welding
We supply a range of weld positioning and welding automation systems for OEM, pipe, tank and structural steel fabrication shops. Working with our partner suppliers we offer positioning equipment as an integrated custom welding solution.