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Norco Medical was born out of the industrial division of Nordling Auto Parts Company in Boise, Idaho when it was purchased by Larry and Fran Kissler in 1968. With the industrial division supplying oxygen for industrial use, it was a natural transition into the medical oxygen business and then further expanding to home medical equipment as well. Our first medical branch opened in downtown Boise in 1989, and Norco is now comprised of 45 branches that support medical services. We have a total of 80 locations including retail branches, air separation units and gas manufacturing plants that span across Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and Idaho. Our founders were so committed to providing excellent customer service that they symbolically placed you, the customer, at the top of our organizational chart, a fundamental value that is still held today. Learn more about us here .

About Norco Medical's mission to serve you better About Norco Medical's Committment to you, your health, and your community About Norco Medical's caring employee owners, and the services and products we provide. About the value added services you'll find at Norco

Since 1968, Norco's mission has always been the same.... "Serving You Better." "You" refers to our customers, the communities we serve, our employee owners, and suppliers. This means you can expect the best products, the best experience, and a high level of expertise every time. Norco has always been a family owned business, and in 2016, we became employee owned as well. When you work with Norco we treat you like family, and every employee takes personal ownership and pride in the quality of service and products they provide.