Wound Therapy

First Aid KitsWhatever size bump, bruise, Norco has the equipment to help get you back to normal in no time. Norco carries all the supplies for regular households like band-aids, bandages, healing ointment, first aid kits, braces, and more. Our first-aid kits are available in many different sizes and contents, with trained personnel in our showrooms that can help pick out kits for your size family or business.

If your injury is more serious, Norco also sells the products you need upon your hospital release.  Norco has an extensive inventory of surgical dressing kits, crutch and wheelchair rentals, and a new state of the art technology for serious wounds called negative pressure wound therapy.  This piece of equipment from Convatec, that only Norco offers in the NorthWest, has seen an increase in recommendations over the past decade for use on chronic wounds that have failed to heal with other treatment modalities. 

You can visit our information page on the Convatec Negative Pressure Wound or find more information on ConvaTec's website