Safety Showcase

Norco's safety division has been protecting America's workers for decades. Let our staff of safety professionals provide you with the equipment necessary to keep you safe and healthy. Our products and manufacturers lead the industry in quality and service. The links below can direct you to the products and manufacturers we supply.

Our safety professionals combine practical hands-on exercises with instruction, visual aids, multimedia, and documentation through testing in our training programs to make certain our customers, America's workers are protected.

Like all the products we provide, Norco is here to help keep your equipment maintained, repaired, calibrated and functioning. Our Instrumentation Calibration and Repair technicians can repair and calibrate most monitors.


Personal Protective EquipmentWelding Protection 








Fall ProtectionConfined Space









Industrial SafetyInstrumentation









Spill Control & WipersFirst Aid









Identification/SinageStorage & Handling