Patient Lifts - Ceiling Tracks and Freestanding

Ceiling Track Patient LiftPatient Lifts

At Norco we realize that a safe and effective transfer is as much about protecting the caregivers back as it is transfering the patient to and from the bed, commode, bathtub, or wheelchair.  That's why we offer patient lifts from BHM Medical in either ceiling track mounted or portable versions. 

Track systems are versatile - allowing you to effectively transfer into and out of a bathtub - something a traditional Hoyer style patient lift wont do.  They are also easy - just imagine being able to raise and lower someone with the touch of a button rather than having to manually crank someone up and down.  Rather than trying to push a manual Hoyer lift from room to room, struggling over thresholds with the patient swaying dangerously from the lift, you can now move effortlessly along the track system - literally with just a gentle touch of the fingertips.



Freestanding Track SystemAnd our freestanding track systems offer you something else you may not be used to from patient lifts - portability!  Imagine going out of town for the weekend and being able to set up a free standing track system with a powered patient lift over the hotel bed in under 3 minutes - with no tools!  Our track style patient lifts are surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider how much easier, safer and more versatile they are, not to mention saving you from transfer related back injuries and the associated medical expenses.  Call us today and let us tell you more about our patient lift options.