Industrial Gases Overview Page

Norco's Industrial Gases Division provides bulk delivery systems, cryogenic systems, high pressure cylinders, welding gases and specialty gases to a wide array of companies and individuals throughout the Northwest and the nation.

Industrial Gases

Our new 52,500 sq. ft. Production Plant in Boise, ID is Norco's largest  fill plant.  It's also home to a fully-staffed cylinder maintenance facility and NorLab, Norco's specialty and calibration gases division.

Norgas, Norco's Premium Shielding Gases, are specially formulated to increase productivity, reduce labor, and provide a superior weld. We've spent over 60 years perfecting our Norgas Shielding Gases and are confident you'll save time and money with Norco.

We provide Pure and Fuel Gases for any application and package specialty Laser Mixed Gases for all types of laser cutting equipment. Our helium is used in industrial applications and for balloons in restaurants and parties all across our service area.  

Norco's premium blends of beverage and food packaging gases are designed to give the highest quality of beverage carbonation and protection for your product.

Contact your local Norco Representative to inquire about our Bulk Gas  systems, industrial piping products, and delivery options.