Industrial Bulk Gases

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As an applications-based supplier of Bulk Gases, Norco works to partner with our customers to improve their productivity and profitability via value added industrial gas technological solutions.

From the manufacture of state of the art semiconductors to the extrusion of steel parts, Norco has the technical expertise to optimize your processes while, at the same time, dependably supplying Bulk Gas Products.


Bulk Tanker


Please find below a listing of industrial gas applications that Norco has optimized for our customers:

Food Processing / Inert Gas Packaging   Apples   
- Freezing
- Immersion bath, post cool freezing
- Inline tunnel freezing
- Spiral freezing
- Cryo-mechanical freezing

- Inert Gas Packaging
- Extended shelf life
- Improved product cosmetics
- Package integrity


- High purity gases for semiconductor wafer production
- Inert atmospheres for printed circuit board ( PCB ) assembly
- Wave Soldering
- Reflow Soldering
- Selective Soldering




Heat Treating            
- Carburizing
- Annealing
- Neutral hardening
- Carbo-nitriding
- Stress relief

- Smelting
- Forging
- Extruding
- Casting
- Deoxification

 Fab Shops
- Cutting
- Welding
- Machining


- Inerting
- Blanketing
- Catalyst gases
- Purging
- Pneumatic transfer

- Inerting
- Blanketing
- Fermentation
- Purging

 Paper Mills
- EO Bleaching
- Waste Water Delinqnification

 Oil & Gas
- Inerting
- Blanketing
- Purging
- Inert gas pressure transfer
- Well and mine safety


Look to Norco as your gas partner. Please contact us with any questions regarding your gas needs.