CPAP - Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) 


At Norco compliance is our #1 priority.  Let us help you to navigate the most common roadblocks to effective CPAP therapy.  See how we can "Serve You Better" with all of your sleep therapy needs. 


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OSA Educational Video
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Choosing the Right CPAP Device 


Recent advancements in CPAP technology make the use of CPAP more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Standard CPAP and auto titrating CPAP provide different advantages. 

Standard CPAP  Fixed pressure device capable of delivering therapy from 4-20cmH20. The machine is calibrated to a prescribed pressure determined by the sleep lab to overcome your airway obstruction.

Auto Titrating CPAP  Variable pressure device capable of delivering a range of pressures from 4-20cmH20. The machine can adjust or move the pressure based upon your airway obstruction. Auto CPAP's use flow to determine:

Even though a well titrated sleep study is the gold standard, auto titrating machines may be indicated for patients if they experience the following:

  • Non-compliance to standard CPAP
  • Decreased benefit to standard CPAP (over time)